Administrator/Researcher: Angela J. Cone
Costa Tsirigakis - Founder J2 Y DNA project & admin/researcher from 2006 - mid 2008
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The J2 Y-DNA project was founded by Costa Tsirigakis in 2006, as an independant of DNA testing company project.

Most project members were also members in the FTDNA J2 project group, and most people in the FTDNA J2 project group were also members of this J2 Y-DNA project. Despite this overlap, Costa always maintained the two projects were seperate entities.

The overall aim was to expand our knowledge on how different haplotype clusters in Haplogroup J2 are related. A specific aim was to closely examine how closely haplogroup clusters correlated to haplogroup sub-clades. For example - can haplotypes be used to accurately predict what Haplogroup J2 subclade a mans Y-DNA is from? can we do this from knowing what haplotype values are most diagnostic for a specific subclade (for clades that we already have a defining SNP), can we use haplotypes to accurately predict how different clusters might be related (ie. before a defining SNP is found) .

The final analysis of this independant project has now been completed (and therefore this independant project has ceased to operate). The FTDNA J2 group continues to operate with a new set of aims etc and can be seen here.

The Final results of the Independant J2 Y-DNA project can be see here


Project Information Archive
  •  M172 (Haplogroup J2) Nomenclature   (last updated 2008- needs to be updated)
  •  Project update news   - updated March, 2013
  •  Analysis Results ( third phase - February,2007-2008)
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  •  Analysis Results ( second phase - 30 July,2006)
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  •  Analysis Results ( first phase - 4th July,2006)
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Angela Cone - Co-administrator from mid 2006 - mid 2008
Administrator from mid 2008 - 2013
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Costa Tsirigakis - Founder J2 Y DNA project & admin from 2006 - mid 2008